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When you access or browse our website, you agree to be governed by the terms and conditions mentioned below. You are also expected to follow all rules and laws mentioned in these Terms and Conditions. 

  1. We refer to the user filling out the ABN application form as "the applicant" 

  2. The website is referred to as "we," "our," or "the firm," it refers to the entire organisation (Business Services & Tax Register) inclusive of our authorised representatives company MyTaxNow Pty Ltd. 

  3. If we have started working on your application, we refer to it as being ‘Under Processing’ 

  4. Once your application has been submitted to the appropriate government agency, the processing on our end is complete. We still might follow up on your application if need be with the required Government agency. 

  5. An application submission to the appropriate government agency does not guarantee that the requested service has been registered for. The government authorities, at their discretion, might flag your application for review. This is referred to as ‘Manual review’

  6. The payments paid to our company are for processing, management, help, and support and never as the issuer of an ABN or GST. 



The personal information submitted by the applicant through our website will be accessible to only our employees who work on the website and government authorities. We reserve the right to request accurate personal information via the applicant's nominated email, and we may reject or revoke your application if the information is false.


  1. The applicant’s details (name, place of birth, date of birth, passport number, expiration date, date of issue, type of supporting document, email address, postal address, telephone number, connection log, information about the IP connection, cookies, and payment record) are all stored as personal information in the secure database of this website. Visit our privacy statement for additional details about this subject.

  2. The applicant is not permitted to: give false or inaccurate information; omit information that is necessary on the online application form; be deemed ineligible to finish the application process; or violate the eligibility requirements in any other way. The business retains the right to cancel or delete the applicant's data in the event that this or any of its many variables arises.


Our website,, and all its associated services are intended for personal use only. Our company is a privately held accounting services business that is not connected to the Australian Government, the ATO or the ABR. Users are expected to respect the property of our website and refrain from reusing, copying, changing, or downloading any content, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes.



The applicant accepts the terms mentioned in this clause. We, at, are responsible for defining the procedures related to the terms of supply of our website. These conditions are subject to change at any time for technical, security, or other reasons unrelated to the service.


Our primary responsibility is to process online requests for Business Services - sole trader ABN, GST, Business Name, and other Business Registration Services. We notify, review and compile data, and provide the applicant's name to the relevant authorities or bodies. Once you submit your application, we will send you an email informing you of the approval status. We may ask you for additional documents required by government authorities to process your application, which are independent of our business. You agree to provide us with the supplementary details required to finalize your ABN within the required timeframe. Failure to comply with your obligations as a customer may lead to the expiration and cancellation of your application without the possibility of a refund. We make no claims or offers of providing any legal or financial advice.


  1. Our goal will be to give you factual information that is easy to understand so you can get your ABN and other services as opted-in as soon as possible and in the proper manner. When we are delivering the services, you will recognise us as your registration/tax agents acting on your behalf. 

  2. The website aims to give you information that is concise and clear. However, if you misinterpret this information, we will not be held responsible in any way. Please contact us if you need to clarify something. We are available on chat and on email.

  3. By completing one of our online registration forms, you represent and certify that all of the information you supply—including your declaration when submitting an application for an ABN, business name, or GST registration—is, to the best of your knowledge, true, correct, and up-to-date. Giving incorrect or misleading information to ASIC or the ATO is illegal. Any changes to that information must be reported to us immediately. You can do this by getting in touch with us as soon as possible via email - Neither we (nor any of our authorised representatives) will be liable for any charges or other damages or loss arising in connection with any incorrect information provided by you.

  4. For all registrations on our website, you grant MyTaxNow PTY LTD. (Tax agent number 26127048) the authority to add you to their tax agent portal and to perform the registration services on your behalf with the ATO. As your registered tax/ASIC agent:


  • We will represent you in communications with the ATO (Australian Tax Office) during the processing of your application and until the requested registration is granted. 

  • Register for selected business services, update ABN details if notified whilst your application is still progressing, cancel your ABN if you desire (this doesn’t automatically lead to a refund), and contact you in the future for other services that are useful to you.

    5. APPLICATION REJECTION: If the ATO rejects your application for any reason, we will analyse it and, if practical, look for suitable solutions. Until you receive your ABN, we will also keep you informed and up to date and post that resign as your tax agent. The ATO may have rejected your application for a variety of reasons. These could consist of, but are not limited to:

    • The information provided does not exactly match the data that the ATO has on file. 

    • You are not permitted to apply for GST registration, according to the ATO, or there are system processing problems, like system outages or maintenance, at the moment.

    • You have asked us to proceed with your ABN registration without having a TFN. 

No refunds are provided for applications that are rejected by the ATO. In some cases, we may assist you in filing your application again, for a discounted fee. 


​6. If you have opted for a registration service in the application form, however, have not completed the payment for it, it will not be registered for you. However, we will contact you to confirm the registration and give you the option to complete the payment process.


7. If we have received the payment for a certain registration, however, have not received the essential details required to complete the registration, we will contact you. 


8. PROCESSING TIME: As soon as you submit your registration applications to us, we get to work on them within the next 5 hours. Our business hours are 8 am-7 pm, if you registered after 7 pm, your application might be queued and processed the following day. 


9. SYSTEM UNDER MAINTENANCE: The ATO registration system, ABR, ASIC. Business registration payment services or the ABN lookup tool can sometimes be under scheduled/unscheduled maintenance (especially on weekends). Whilst we make every effort to process your registrations at the earliest possible, due to registration systems being under maintenance there might be a significant delay. As we are unable to control this, it violates our promise to have your registration completed within the 5 hours and disqualifies you from receiving a refund in this instance. 


10. MANUAL REVIEWS: The business registration services post submission to the ATO/ABR or ASIC can be flagged for manual review by the Australian government. This is entirely at the discretion of the Australian Government and there is not much we can do to influence it or expedite it. As per ATO guidelines, manual reviews can take up to 21 business days. As your registered tax agent, we can follow up with the ATO on the progress of your review post the 21 business days. If you wish to follow up with the ATO by yourself, please reach out and we can provide you with the application reference number. As we have submitted your registration and provided you the desired service (s), no refunds will be provided when your application is under manual review due to change of mind, or heart. 


​11. ACTIVATION OF THE REGISTERED SERVICES: Once the business service is registered, it might take 24 to 48 hours for it to show up on ABN lookup. We are not responsible for any delays in your ABN being shown online. This is also applicable for applications that are trying to validate your ABN or other registered services. 


12. FUTURE COMMUNICATION: We might contact you in the future to promote our other services that are deemed by us to be useful to you. 


13. Specific to ABN registration services

  • If you have previously obtained an ABN number that is still active and have registered a new ABN application with us, we will update your ABN information and replace all previous ABN information with the most recent ABN information. We wouldn't provide you a refund for your ABN registration money because this update service is the same price as the new ABN registration service.

  • If you previously held an ABN that has been cancelled, the same process and fees are applicable as applying for a new ABN. 


​14. Specific to Business Name registration services


  • If the desired business name and submitted options are not available, we will notify you and request you to submit additional business name options. No additional fee will be charged in this scenario. 

  • In the instance that we have received your Business Name application, started processing it and your desired business names are not available, you can either:

    • pick a different name, 

    • or request a refund, less the AUD $45 administration and handling fee (Administration Charge). After submission, there will be no return of the Business Name price for change of heart.


  • Business Name registrations once submitted to the ABR/ASIC/ATO cannot be updated or canceled due to change of mind or heart. This is applicable even if your business name registration is under manual review and hasn’t been approved yet. If you decide to abandon or cancel the business name once registered, no refunds are provided by us or the ASIC. 

  • The ASIC business names register is a requirement for availability checks of business names conducted through the website's business name application form (ASIC Register). If the ASIC Register or its system is having technical problems, such as outage or maintenance, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or omissions therein. In the unlikely event that the ASIC Register is unavailable, we can manually submit your Business Name application. In these situations, we cannot check the ASIC Register to see if your Business Name is available if we manually submit your Business Name application.


19. Specific to GST registration services

  • When you opt for GST registration, you automatically grant us the permission to serve as your BAS agents for this reason in order to apply for GST on your behalf. This might require us to contact the ATO on your behalf. 

  • If we are unable to use our electronic system to instantly set up the ATO's processing of your GST registration application, we will either submit a paper application, submit an application over the phone, or, if we are unable to register, refund your money.



By using or ordering any of our services through the website, you agree to pay the ABN, GST, and business name application fees that we assess (the business name application fee includes the government/ASIC fee of $39 for 1 year and $92 for 3 years business name registration) in exchange for the services we provide. 

1. The payments paid to our company are for processing, management, help, and support and never as the issuer of an ABN or GST. 

2. Unless otherwise stated, all fees and charges are in Australian dollars ($ AUD). The fees are inclusive of goods and services tax (GST) where applicable.


Due to the automated nature of the registration services and the fact that they synchronise in real time with the appropriate Commonwealth government agency, we often start working on the requested services as soon as you submit your application to us and pay the service fee. 

1. You are eligible for a full refund only if we have been contacted for a refund prior to us starting to process your application. Please note that there is a minor refund transaction fee applicable of $5. 


​2. If we have started processing your application, but have not yet submitted your application to the appropriate government agency, you might be eligible for a partial refund (exclusive of GST), that is, 

  • For ABN registration only applications, this will be 50% of the amount paid (i.e. 50% of $50 exclusive of GST).

  • For registrations other than ‘ABN registration only’, it will be the full amount minus our administrative fee of $45. 


3. No refunds are provided once we have processed your application and/or submitted it to the ATO. This is also applicable under the following scenarios and not limited to:

  • You wish to cancel the registration whilst it is still under manual review or once registered. In some instances, we might help you to cancel the registration, which, however, does not qualify you for a refund. 

  • Change of heart or mind of the business name you registered for. 

  • Realisation that you prefer a different business structure than the one you registered for (sole trader);

  • You no longer require the registered service and wish to cancel it - ABN, GST, Business Name

  • Desire to register the opted in service by yourself or through a different channel, platform, etc. 

  • ATO has cancelled your registration for whatever reason.



If your bank or your card company files any disputes or chargebacks, It will be deemed a violation of our terms and conditions. Since the payment has not been made, we will start to withdraw/cancel the ABN, business name, and GST applications we submitted on your behalf. In addition, we will flag your payment as fraud on our integrated payment services. 


1. If you have requested a bank dispute despite receiving the full scope of services, you grant our tax agent permission to add you to the client list and revoke the services that we provided such as cancel the ABN number that we registered for you. The results of your service termination are not our responsibility.

2. We do not take threats lightly, and might report you to the appropriate government agency. 

3. Any harassment caused to our employees will also be noted, and we might wish to take it further with the appropriate government agencies. 




1. ​We are unable to influence how the relevant government entity decides to handle the outcome of your application. 

2. We are not responsible for any mistakes, omissions, or faults on the applicant's part. Our goal is to provide you with factual information that is easy to understand so you can obtain your desired registration services in a timely and proper manner.

3. In instances of incorrect or fraudulent information, we are not liable for any fines, penalties, or losses that you might incur. 

4. If the ATO has cancelled any of the registration we previously helped you to register, we are not responsible for it. If you require any information regarding the cancellation, you must get in touch with the ATO as we are unable to provide you information on it. 



​1. By completing one of our online registration forms, you represent and certify that all of the information you supply is accurate, complete, and truthful. You will have the chance to review all the information you have submitted on your screen before paying for the ABN application and, if necessary, make the necessary modifications. Before continuing, it is crucial that you fix any mistakes you may have made. You will need to make the payment after you have verified the information.

2. You are solely responsible to notify the appropriate government agency in the instance of any personal or professional changes. We do not update your information with the ATO once your application is completed with us. 

By using our services, that is, submitting an application to us, you accept these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them. 

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